Sleeping Queens Card Game

How do you wake up sleeping queens you ask?  There is only one way. A kiss by a king, of course. This beautifully illustrated card game has everything. Queens, Kings, Jesters, Knights, sleeping potions, magic wands and of course Dragons!

In Sleeping Queens, your goal is to wake up 5 (for 2-3 players and 4 Queens for 4-5 players) Queens first or you can play by points. We play who ever gets the Queens first wins. Honestly, I hate taking score.. as silly as that sounds. Here is a let’s play of Anyce and I playing.

The set of this game is very easy play 6 queens face down on both sides of the deck. The queen cards will have a green back. Then deal each player 5 cards.

The special cards are as follows:

King: When played will wake up a Queen of your choice. ( If you wake up the Rose Queen you get a bonus of choosing one more queen to wake up!! )

Knight: When played gives you an option to steal a players Queen for your self.

Dragon: When played lets you stop the Knight from stealing your Queen.

Sleeping Potion: When played lets you choice a Queen to put back to sleep with the rest of the sleeping Queens.

Magic Wand: When played stops/ breaks the sleeping potion and you get to keep your Queen awake.

Jester: This is your chance card! Turn the top card from the draw pile on top of the Jester you just played..

If it is a special card you get to keep it and take another turn.

If it a number you count off starting with you. The last player to count get to wake up a Queen.

This game so bright and Beautiful!


Overall Review 

Price: $10

Ages: 8 & up

Players: 2-5

Materials: 4.5 This game is very well made.

Replay Value: 4.5

Recommend it to others: Yes, great for families with children.

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