Georgia Visit, Circus and New Games

I am officially back from Georgia! It’s summer time and we have been busy like most families. I (Amber) just returned home from a visit to Georgia. I got to surprise my BFF since middle school for her birthday! Her lovely husband flew me out as her birthday surprise! It was wonderful hanging out and playing tourist in Savannah. It was absolutely beautiful and a nice change from our desert. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from my trip!


While I was gone, Trevor and kids spent the week playing board games and video games. We have a few new games of course! We received Kings Gold & Color Clash from BlueOrange Games. We are loving Kings Gold and have been playing everyday! Our video & review blog will be up very soon.

We also bought Dinorace. Which is adorable! Zayden has been wanting this game for awhile. He earned it being well behaved in Phoenix when we went to see the circus. It was our first time at the Circus and we loved it. Here are our favorite pictures. Yes, I included the animals as we did enjoy seeing them as well. Sorry, if this offends anyone.



Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Happy 4th of July! Keep an eye out lots of post will be happening!

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