Feed The Kitty

Zayden’s favorite game for over a year now has been Feed the Kitty. In my option, it is one of the best starter games for children. You don’t need know how to read, and you only need to know how to count to 2!  This game helps with listening, taking turns and sharing. Which is wonderful for young children.

This game is simple. It’s a child’s version of LCR. The whole goal is to be the last player left with mice. You start off with few mice for each player and a cat bowl in the middle. With each turn, you will roll your dice and move your mice around accordingly.

Mouse: Put one mouse in Kitty’s bowl.

Arrow: Pass one mouse to the player on your left.

Bowl: Take one mouse from Kitty’s bowl.

Sleeping Cat: Do nothing.

Why yes, it’s that simple! I hope your family checks this game out and enjoys it. We love to hear feed back!! So comment below.


Overall Review 

Price: $10-15

Ages: 3 & up

Players: 2-5

Materials: 5 Stars, This game is very well made.

Replay Value: 3.7 Stars, Even though I can’t count how many times we have played!

Recommend it to others: Yes, great for families with younger children.

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