We are a family who loves to spend our time playing games. We have our silly moments and our competitive moments. Guaranteed smiles and laughs all around. We would like so show you some of our families favorite games. May the games be new or classic we play them all ages 4-104. 

We have a son, Zayden who just turned 5. He enjoys preschool and family games. Most of the time he likes to try to break the rules. We are working on it though. We also have a daughter, Anyce who is 8. She enjoys classic, competitive, storytelling and dice rolling games. My husband, Trevor likes the strategy and  role playing games.  I am into casual, classics, and dice games. As you can see between all of us we enjoy a huge variety. I hope you discover new games for your family and friends through our blog.

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One thought on “Welcome”

  1. Hi!

    First of all, thanks for the likes at our games’ pictures at our instagram account 🙂

    We’re a young games publisher and we have a new game to be crowdfunded that is for designed for families, so we think you’d like it. It’s called Run, Bug, Run! and it’s race game where the players take the role of different insects, each one with it’s especificities.

    We’d be delighted if you’d like to test it and review it before our kickstarter launch. Would it be possible?

    Thanks in advance for your time reading this mail.


    Álvaro Lerma

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