Telepathy Magic Minds

Telepathy Magic Minds


Telepathy Magic Minds by Telepathy Games is like Battleship meets puzzles. It’s a family friendly game that gets you using your mental powers. You will be going head to head using strategy, deduction and your powerful mind powers to figure out what exact object/ square your opponent has chosen.

Our family really enjoys this game. It’s a great game when you have 20 minutes and you want something easy to set up and play. You can have fun. All of my non-gamer friends ask about this game. The artwork is attractive. Along with have no learning curve. Anyone can play this game!

This game is for 2 players or 2 teams.

Ages 10+

Game play 15-20 minutes

Magic Minds is the one of the more complex of the Telepathy Games line up. As it has more items and a much longer grid. The do have game perfect for younger kids which is called Brain Freeze.

How To Play

Set up is quite easy. You take your game board and your secrecy shield, place them in front of you making sure you opponent can not see your game board.

Pick a random square of your choice and mark your choice on your secrecy shield, so you don’t forget. Remember it is a secret!

Your goal is to be the first player or team to figure out your opponents square.

You will then take turns picking a square and ask your opponents.  Example K-7 Brown Card? Your opponent will say no if none of the features of the square matches their choice. However, if just one of the features is correct your opponent will say yes.

You use your opponents answers to help narrow your guess to which square they have chosen. Once you are ready to ask for the final time as you believe you have figured it out. You must announce this is your final guest. If you get it wrong you lose.

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