Gamematz makes some amazingly high quality game mats! Check them out here.  These playmats will be available via Kickstarter on 5-20-16! You will have many choices, from small personal game mats to large scaled game mats. They have a huge variety of images to choose from over 150 or even better, you can use your own image!!! How awesome is that! Here are the 3 player mats we have. Seriously, I’m in love!  Gamematz is exactly what every player needs. I love to be able to personalize my gaming area. It gives me good vibes and energy to win my games.

I absolutely love how nice my dice roll onto these game mats.  I recently bought aluminum dice. Which to my surprise scratch on table surfaces. However, no more damaged dice due to my game mats. No jumping all over the place or rolling off the table. Without using a dice tray. I don’t personally like dice trays. Why haven’t I thought of game mats before. I don’t even know. They are now a must have for me.


Features of these playmats 


  • Premium fabric cloth top with rubber bottom for traction
  • Vivid color and highly detailed artwork
  • Flat surface makes dice rolling easy
  • Easily Portable / Roll up and take with you
  • Machine Washable and easy to clean with a damp cloth, water or gentle cleaner




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