Spot It

see Spot it is made by Blue Orange. It is a very quick game. You try to find the matches as fast as you can.  Every card will have a match and only one match to each card. Even if you don’t see it. Sometimes it is hard to find the match. We love it because its a game all ages can play. Even though most Spot it’s recommend ages 7 & up. I would say most 3 year olds can play the game. Zayden started playing at age 4. Most themes you don’t need to know how to read to match even if its a word that they can’t read we allow pointing for the younger kids.


rencontres accord majeur I love that they are in a tin and very travel friendly. Anyce takes these games to ballet and other events where the kids have extra time to hang out. All of her friends enjoy Spot it and have asked her to continue to bring it along. I would say the chances of you replaying this game multiple times is quite high. There are many different ways you can play. Down below is a picture explaining a few of the ways you can play.

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