New games & Father’s Day Weekend.

We have been busy lately. Having some family summer fun and playing games. It’s that time of year new games are coming out like crazy! What new games are you enjoying or wanting to check out?

We have recently bought a few new and not so new games. I have been dying to play Gloom for a long time now. When I heard about the Fairytale Gloom. I knew it was finally time for me to pick it up. Excitingly, I found it in Phoenix. While visiting some family, we checked out a local game store. It should be at your favorite local game store by the 30th of this month.This game is so much fun, creative and beautiful! We will be doing a full review on it. Hopefully, later this week. For now here is a picture.

We also picked up Love Letter Batman Edition last week. Seriously, Its a cute quick game that is Batman themed. It was a must for our collection. I am obsessed with Batman. Trust me you will know this fact if you follow our blog :P. A full review will be coming soon as well. I am sure most of you have already played, but if not it’s a great game. Here’s a picture.

Hopefully, everyone enjoyed their Father’s Day weekend. Trevor’s car as been having problems so he spend Saturday working on his car trying to get it to run before Father’s Day. The kids and I went to Phoenix to visit our cousins. It was a fun, but very hot, weekend. We enjoyed cooling down at the Sea life Aquarium. We had fun. We got to see the Aquanauts and some cute sea creatures. If you haven’t been, I would recommend it. Try to find discount tickets or purchase tickets on their site ahead of time to make it cheaper.


On Fathers Day, Trevor got to enjoy his day playing his Witcher 3 game. Along with being showered with gifts. Seriously, this guy is loved. He does so much for our family. We try to make him feel special on his day. He made out with board games (of course) for his gifts. The kids even made him a Cleveland Browns game! They did an amazing job. We all played and Trevor must have had Father’s Day luck, because he beat us all!

Here are the other games he received. Expect reviews, pictures and some videos on these games soon! Hopefully, you enjoyed your weekend. What games did you play or get?

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