Elementy by Gamematz is a fast pace push your luck card game. Which of course as a mat option!

Not only does Elementy have adorable artwork. It’s extremely fun. We have tested this game with kids ranging from age 5-13. They all enjoyed it. It has that Rock, Paper, Scissors meets Pokémon vibe.



START THE GAME by dividing the deck into half. Each player gets 3 of each element cards Flame, Leaf & Water) and 2 Wild Windy cards. Shuffle your deck workout looking and place them facing down. Draw the top three cards to start the battle. You may look at these cards as they are in your hand.

THE BATTLE  both players choose 1 of the cards in your hand  and place in facing down. Once both players cards are face down flip the cards over to see who won the battle. Before battling against each player draws another card from the top of their deck so they have 3 cards total in their hand.







THE WILD CARD is Wild Windy she is extremely unpredictable. To stop her at the opposing player must roll a 5 or 6 to win the battle.

THE TIE.  The best part of this game is the ROLL OFFS! If you and your opponentplay the same card. You must grab the dice and roll off. They player with the highest number wins!

THE WIN the player that wins the battle take their card and their opponents card place them in their discard pile facing up the game ends when there is no cards left who ever has the most cards in thier discard pile when the game!

I can not win for anything! Apparently I have no luck!  Which makes my kids love this game so much more!!



2 thoughts on “Elementy

    1. It was insane! Never have we had that many roll off’s. The dice must be lucky. They each picked their own from a FLGS. Again, thanks for making such an amazing game!

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