Food Fighters

Food Fighters 

Food Fighters is a fun 2 player  fast paced family friend card game by  Kids Table Board Gaming . This family duo know exactly what families and couples want to play. This game is may look like it is geared only to children, but it’s fun even for adults!  At night your pantry comes alive and they have full blown battle including spoons and pans flying in the air and taking each other out!

Food Fighters is a 2 player game. A good 2 player game can be hard to find. You want something that is entertaining for both players. This game is for newbies, casual and even the hardcore gamer can enjoy this great filler game. It only takes roughly 20 mins to play. With rules basic enough ages 8 and up can play.

One thing I really love about this a game besides the game play. Is the amazing quality and love that has gone into this game. You can tell from the minute you open it.

Be prepared to have a food fight without getting your kitchen dirty!


Now has expansions! 

Set Up

  • Pick your side. Will you be team meat or team veggies?
  • Shuffle your fighters and randomly lay them in a 3×3 grid.
  • Make stockpiles of all other supplies for your pantry.
  • Each player gets their 3 power cards, 3 crackers, 2 spoons and 1 pan for their side of the pantry.


How To Play


Turn Order

  1. Take 1 action. Roll the dice (2 white unless you bought the red die) for Beans or Swamp or Attack. 
  2. You can spend your beans to buy 1 thing from your pantry.
  3. You opponent fills any gaps in their formation.


Roll For Beans

To roll for beans roll both dice and collection the number of beans on the dice. If you roll a splat keep rolling until you get beans.


To Swap, swap any two of your fighters or swap one of your fighters into an empty space in the same row it already occupies. When you swap you get 1 free bean from the pantry.


Point out with your finger which of the fighters you are attacking and which enemy fighter is attacked.

If you roll at least 1 splat you hit your target and it is knocked out. Move it to your discard pile.

If you only roll beans you missed you target and collect your beans.





After someone has successfully attacked 3 matching players they win the game!



Don’t forget you get to buy extras from your pantry.  Such as a extra die, for better odds in your attacks.  Pans, to have one fighter be able to attack any type of the enemies fighters.  Spoons, acts like a spear for one of your fighters. You many attack any enemies fighters from any distance.  Crackers, acts like a shield. Takes 2 splats for an enemy to know out your fighter. Along with extra abilities.















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