Too Many Cinderellas

Too Many Cinderellas by Grail Games. This tabletop game is for 2-4 players that are ages 10 + (Depending on the child. Anyce is 8), and is about 10 mins long. You play as town people who are spreading rumors for the Prince to hear. He will pick his Cinderella based off of the rumors that you spread. Anyone can actually become Cinderella. A male, senior, or even a cat. Yes, an actual meow cat! Which is Anyce’s favorite card from this game.

Anyce and her BFF, Bella, did a let’s play. Sorry about the silliness and randomness of these girls. At least they are cute 🙂

I was actually quite surprised how great the quality of this game is. The box is made out of a thick cardboard with beautiful bright prints. Once you open it up. All the components fit nicely and won’t be rattling around in your box.  The art work on the lien cards are just beautiful! They use light pastel colors that most princess loving girls enjoy. The “diamonds” were both of the girls favorite components. They wanted them all. What girl can turn down the silliness and cuteness of the game!

Too Many Cinderellas is similar in scope to the Love Letter games.  It is a quick, small deck based game where you earn the most tokens (diamonds) over a few rounds to win. Each card you lay down has an action, in this case a rumor. It’s easy enough to talk and enjoy your company while playing. However, it’s interesting enough to keep you pulling it out to play again. We truly enjoyed this game. I hope you check it out for yourself, or for a little girl in your life.

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