King’s Gold

King’s Gold by Blue Orange is an adventurous dice game. You roll your luck to get the best dice combos. You want to be the richest Pirate to win the game. You’ll get chances to steal from the treasure chest, the King’s gold and other Pirates.


Dice combos:


Stealing happens left and right in the game. It’s one of Anyce’s favorite parts of this game. She likes to get greedy. However, you do need to become the richest Pirate to win. So let loose and steal from your mates. Here’s a picture to show you how much Anyce loves stealing.


King’s Gold comes in a beautiful tin with some great components. You can play right from the tin. It will include 5 pirate Dice and 60 golden treasure coins. You can play with 2-6 players. The more pirates the better. It’s super quick we have never taken longer than 15 minutes to complete a game. Don’t forget stealing from your mates is the best part.

This game is perfect for traveling due to the tin. Anyce will be bringing this game to her ballet classes and school events. We love to have some easy to go games during down times. I also love that you don’t have to know how to read to play this game. After showing Zayden a few times how to play he will be able to join in on the fun. Pick this game up for your family, to be a great filler or as a starter for a game night. Let us know what you think of it. We love it. They had me easily with Pirates and Dice. What’s not to love!


Overall Review

Price: $15

Ages: 8 & up

Players: 2-6

Materials: 5 This game is very well made.

Replay Value: 4

Recommend it to others: Yes, it’s a great quick game. Would even work for a filler game for game nights.


Disclaimer: Blue Orange did send us this game to review. This no way changed our opinions on this game. I would buy it for myself or even as a gift for others. This game has become a favorite in our family.

Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

Our kids are so excited to start blogging/vlogging. They have been asking everyday to make a let’s play video. Here is our first let’s play styled video. Hope you enjoy it as much as the kids did making it. 

The game is Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel. It’s one of the kids favorite games. It is an educational game that helps with memorizing colors and building motor skills. 2 -4 people can play ages 3 and up. Its easy enough they can play by themselves. For Zayden its helping him learn to play by the rules. He is our little rule breaker. Seriously, he’ll try anything to win. 

Very similar to the classic Hi HI Cherry-O. You spin to either collect, lose or steal and nut. First person to collect 1 of everyone color nut wins.
However, the components for this game are amazing! The squirrel “tweezers” are made a a heavy duty plastic and is simply adorable. When using this squirrel it help develop fine motor skills. The nut are also plastic and bring very durable.

Overall Review

Price: $15

Ages: 3-8

Players: 2-4

Playing time: 10-20 minutes

Materials: 5 Stars This game is very well made.

Replay Value: 4 Stars, Almost all of our friends will play it more than once at one time.

Recommend it to others: Yes, if you have kids who are young enough for it. I would not buy this new for a kid under age 7.