Find It To Go Games

These Find It Games To Go are limited Quantity. The editions are Pet Finder, Great Outdoors, Things that go and Treats & Sweets. These to go editions are half the size of the normal editions. Perfect to throw into a travel bag or keep in the car for road trips. This a contained game, so no chances of losing pieces. Every time someone comes to our house, they notice the Find it games we have. It never fails, they end up playing them while hanging out. They are fun for all ages. Adults get more competitive than the kids… Well, at least the ones we know.

You can play a few different ways. You can play solo or compete with a friend. You can time yourself to see how fast you can find the items, or see if you can find them in alphabet order. You can also make stories with the items you find. Don’t forget to look out for the mystery item! Need help keeping track of what you have found or what is on the list? You can print out a list from their site. (minus the on the go editions. Hopefully they will be updated soon!)

In 2013, I believe they emerged with another company called Identity Games. Personally, I like the changes I have noticed. They interact more on social media, there is now a hidden mystery object in each game, and cute holiday editions have come out! I am hoping for a Halloween one!!! Fingers crossed! One can hope. Rumor is a Pokemon is coming soon!!!! The only down side is that they no longer use real pennies. I know you’re wondering why it matters, as it’s locked inside the game. The real penny is much heavier, so it makes it a challenge to find.

Overall Review 

Price: $13-25

Ages: 4 & up

Players: 1 &up

Materials: 5 Stars This game is very well made.

Replay Value: 4.5 Stars We have all played this many times especially on the road.

Recommend it to others: Yes, to all ages!

Items inside Sweet Treats
Banana Slice
Candy Cane
Candy Corn
Candy Egg
Candy Heart
Chocolate Bar
Cinnamon Roll
Cocoa Mug
French Fry
Hard Candy Ring
Ice Cream Bar
Ice Cream Cone
Key Lime Pie
Lemon Slice
Letter “Y”
Letter “U”
Letter “M”
Lime Slice
Pumpkin Pie
Smiley Face
Soda Pop
Mystery Item (which I will not tell you it, You can go to there website to see if you found it!)