Sneaky Cards

This game is unlike any game I have ever seen! This game gets you interactive with the world. Starting with what is around you.

Sneaky Cards
You buy your deck & you register your deck. Then you Play it forward… pun on Pay it forward. When playing a card you will be doing something Sneaky or Nice. You can watch a see where your cards end up! We are looking forward to see where they end up!

If you found one of our cards let us know!!!

So far we have played 3 cards forward. Only one has been tracked. Anyce’s is kinda bummed on this. She wants to see everyday if our cards get tracked. So, the downside to this game… not everyone who finds your cards will join in on the game. Fingers crossed after we play more cards. We see some people getting on and tracking them!

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Sneaky Cards in action! #sneakycards @gamewright

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Color Clash

Color Clash by Blue Orange is much harder than it looks. Some how with only 36 Clash Tiles and 6 Chameleon Tiles there are never ending possibilities.  You’ll find yourself trying to rake your brain to match colors. Matching colors? Yes, matching colors with this game is harder that you would think. If your looking for a game to help exercise your brain. This is it!

With 8 different games in this box you can play with 1-6 players. You can also match the tiles 3 different ways! Even if at first glance it doesn’t look like a match. It may be.  Here is a picture explaining the different way you can make a match.

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Different ways to make a match with Color Clash

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We will be making a few different let’s play videos to help you decide which games are your favorite with Color Clash. Personally, I enjoy the Solo and the Guess what I am Thinking.  The Guess what I am Thinking let’s play will be coming soon!


Overall Review 

Price: $15

Ages: 7 & up  (sight words Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple and Orange are used in this game.)

Players: 1-6

Materials: 4 stars This game is very well made.

Replay Value: 5 stars So many different ways to play this game!

Recommend it to others: Yes


Disclaimer: Blue Orange did send us this game to review. This no way changed our opinions on this game.

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