Kitty Paw

Kitty Paw is designed by Aza Chen and published by Li-He Studio. It’s a family friendly dexterity puzzle game. Yes, that’s correct all of our favorite things wrapped into one purr-fect game! Anyce and I will be facing off in the video below to show you a quick demo of how the game plays. If you have any questions, please comment below or email us. We are always happy to help!


Kitty Tiles

Box Cards

Cat Box Cards Box Side

Cat Box Cards Cat Side

Kitty Cards

Kitty Cards

KittyCards 48 (24 level one, 16 level two, 8 level three)
Cat Box Card 8 (1 of the 8 has a Chihuahua hiding in the box)
Box Card 4 (Pay attention to the orientation you need to use)
Kitty Tiles 28 (4 each of the 7 different kitty types)


The player who collect the most victory points wins. You collect victory points by trying to complete your puzzle first each round to earn your card. Each card will have victory points. If your last to complete your puzzle you flip the card over and receive negative points.

Kitty Paw Set Up


Each player will take 1 of each of the 7 kitty’s & place it in the center of the table. You will mix all of the kitty’s up.
Shuffle the cat box cards and place them around the kitty’s box side up.
Each player takes 1 box card and place it in front of themselves.
Shuffle the each of the kitty card levels into separate stacks. Face them down to make a draw pile I order of difficulty level.
Flip over the first 4 face up.


To start the game you will stack 1 of your paws in the center of the table and shout “KITTY PAW”
Each player then grabs 1 kitty card they want and place it in front of you. That will be the puzzle you try to complete.
Grabbing 1 kitty tile at a time. Players race to duplicate the puzzle on their kitty card.

If any players think they have completed their puzzle. That player shouts out “MEOW” and performs the lucky cat gesture.
All players stop. Perform the lucky cat gesture and touch the first “meow players” paw with a lucky paw meow. The last player to do this gets the victory points penalty (by flipping over your kitty card).
All player check to see if the first “meow players” puzzle is correct. If it is they will keep their kitty card and collect the victory points. If their puzzle is not correct they will then have to flip over their kitty card and take the victory points penalty.
You repeat the rounds again. Until a player has scored 5 victory points cards. The player with the most victory points win! MEOW!

Kitty Paw back of the box

I hope your family enjoys this game as much as our family has! A big thank you to AZA Chen for sending us such a fun, amazing family game. Now to start the struggle and try to find the rest of his games to add to our collection.