Super Tooth

A race to survive the meat eating dinosaurs and collect the most Super Tooth tokens. You will have to dodge the meat-eater dinosaurs, battle event’s such as volcano’s, hot sun, T-Rex and more!  This game will take a bit to get the hang of it. Once you do. It is fun!!


Super Tooth has 3 different types of cards.

Plant-Eaters: Green cards.


Meat-Eaters: White Cards


Event Cards are Yellow:




Overall Review 
Price: $12

Ages: 6 & up  ( I would say 7-8 yr olds can play. Lot’s of rules make for a bigger learning curve. Don’t use this game for a introduction to game for children)

Players: 2-4

Materials: 4 stars

Replay Value: 3.5 stars

Recommend it to others: Yes. This game is fun. However, It does have a learning curve.

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