RUN BUG RUN is on Kickstarter right now!

Run Bug Run is a cute family racing game that has some depth and replay value. You get to pick your character choice of which bug you would like to be. Each bug has it’s own special abilities! I personally like the Ladybird (Ladybug) You get to view other players cards with her ability!

I would recommend this game for children 8 and up. However, younger kids could play depending no their personal gaming skills. My 5 yr old wont sit long enough for this game. There are lots of rules and its takes roughly 30 minutes to play.

The key things we enjoy about this game, The re-playable value. Every time you set up this game you get to to mix and match a racing field that all the players agree upon. Making it different every time you play. However, the best thing about this game. It’s it is FAMILY FRIENDLY!

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