Pie Face

It’s here the infamous PIE FACE! You know you have seen that video going around the inter-webs for awhile. It is re-released here in the USA! We just got this game today. Let me tell you it is FUN!

We love this game! Yes, I know then why did I rate it 4 stars.. the quality of the game is the only reason. I will list those reasons down below. First let’s talk about what we do love!

We love how much silly fun this game is! This game is one of those fun gimmick & nostalgic items. Does that mean bad.. not to us! Anything that has all the kids & adults laughing is a great thing.

This game is simply played.. Spin the spinner and land on a number. Then you have to turn the handles that number of times. Here is the tricky thing. The hand slaps at random numbers! We have had it slap the 1st turn of the handles and pass 9 turns. So who is going to get a face full of cream no one knows!!

Do we recommend this game YES! If your playing the MSPR price point you will get your money’s worth. Playing it till it breaks down.

The reason for 4 stars….

It’s cheaply made. You can see in our videos on youtube. It was falling apart on us. The face guard and handles kept coming off. If the handles would stay in during the whole game play. That alone I would have given it 5 stars. Having to stop and fix it over & over get boring. I also think the other of the head guard should be a girl or a girl head guard one should be included! Girls play games a lot especially in our household!

Plus side to it being made cheap. It all comes apart to be cleaned easily!

Here is a quick clip!

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