Creepiest Pet Shop

Creepiest Pet Shop by Creepy Tiki Games. This speed matching card game is creeply cute. The objective is to be the best employee of the month. You will be helping monsters adopt creepy pets that will match their family. They player who places the most pets into their forever homes wins!

Creepiest Pet Shop The Kickstarter even is now live!!!!! Click HERE

creepy pet shop

What we loved about Creepiest Pet Shop ? Is pretty much everything. The first thing I noticed was the creepy cute artwork. Anyce and I (Amber) both love creepy things. So, of course we had to play this game! The most important thing about this game is everyone in our house can play! There is an sensitive or non readers variant. Perfect for Zayden who is 5 and isn’t reading. Along with also being a sensitive player. He hates losing & will sometimes quit games, when he thinks he is wont win. He is getting better thankfully!

We are looking forward to the kickstarter! This a game we will be backing. What we are most looking forward to seeing with the Kickstater to see what stretch goals can get unlocked. Along with card quality being a stronger (Keep in mind we have a demo game) We are rough with our cards because we play hard, we are racing to be first & sometimes a card or two may not survive. I hope you decide to check it out!

P.S My favorite card is the Vincent Price wild card!!!

Vincent Price Wild

How do you Play?

Each turn is divided into 4 phases

Discard/Draw: You can discard up to 3 cards. You draw until your at your max hand. Max will start at 5 and will then depend on effect cards.

Effect: You play an effect card on yourself or your opponent.

Revealing Pets: Starting with the oldest player reveal 2 pets. (If an effect card is play the person who flips it over is effected)

Adoption: Once all pet cards are revealed you immediately can adopt pets by being the fastest player to match the symbols required for adoption.

After all pet cards have been claimed, players count the symbols on their pet cards. The player that has the most symbols on their Pet Cards wins the game and is the employee of the month at the Creepiest Pet Shop!!!

creepiest pet show how to

creepy pet show how to

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