Batman Rory Story Cubes

We just finished a long day of school and ballet. However, we couldn’t wait. We had to get the word out about Batman Story cubes!!! These cubes are amazing! A better video will be up soon. This is just our first look at this game. Better story’s to come! Full images and full blog is in progress! Thanks guys have a great day!

Holy Smoke Batman this cubes are real! When I first heard about the Batman edition of Story Cubes, I assumed it was a hoax. How wrong I was. I absolutely love these cubes!The Creativity Hub &
Gamewright have made an amazing product! Great clear images, comes in a hard plastic case and with a sheet that labels each picture (just in case you cant think of that villains name or etc).

How can you pass up Story Cubes Batman edition? Well, I guess if you don’t like Batman. He dresses well, has all the cool toys and defeats villains.. Yep pretty sure everyone likes him. If you have played any other editions of Story Cubes is basically the same just with Batman themed images. If you haven’t. You must check them out if you love story telling. You roll the dice or even as little as one die and you make a story based off of the image. You can play solo or co-op. I even make my oldest write down the stories to add even more educational value. Every family should own at least one version on Story Cubes. I have yet to have someone play a game and say they didn’t enjoy it or ask to play again.

Overall Review

Price: $10 & up

Ages: 3 & up

Players: 1 & up

Materials: 5 Stars, This game is very well made.

Replay Value: 5 Stars, So many different ways to play and stories to make its always different.

Recommend it to others: Yes, great for kids, families, teachers and Batman fans!

Flip City

Flip City by Tasty Minstrel Games 



Flip City by Tasty Minstrel Games is a micro-deckbuilder. It has everything you need in one box. No buying blind bags or expansions to build your decks up. Yet, it has great play ability. In this deck both sides of the cards are playable. This is my guess to why the game is called Flip City. 🙂 During your building phase you can purchase buildings and/or upgrade them . Upgrading the buildings is as simple as spending the money and flipping the card. Yet, getting your strategy and knowing which cards you want to flip is harder that you would think.

This game is unique has you don’t actually have a hand while playing. You will  play directly from the top of your deck. Each card that you lay will have a special action box that you have to complete. You can earn money, ribbons or sad faces. Once you have 3 sad faces played, your turn has to end and you don’t collect any money. You try to end your turn before you hit 3 sad faces, so you can move to the building phase. However, If you play 8 ribbons in your card playing phase you win!!!

We really love the fact that you can enjoy this game with the different variants. The solo variant is quite fun. I like to try different strategies or time myself while playing solo. You know basically get really good. So I can kick everyone else’s butts. That’s what solo variants are for right?


Overall Review 

Price: $20

Ages: 8 & up  ( I would say depends on child’s reading skills)

Players: 1-4

Materials: 4 stars This game is very well made.

Replay Value: 4.5 stars

Recommend it to others: Yes. We love that you can play solo as well!

One Zero One

Grail games have this tabletop game making down! One Zero One is a quirky, tactical computer programming themed card game. You try to take command of the program lines. Each line is worth a certain amount of points. Who ever has the most points after the program runs wins. It’s a nice, quick 2-player only game. It’s no wonder why this game got backed via Kickstarter. You can start geeking out now.





While playing you will be player Zero or player One. Each player will have identical decks which includes 16 cards. Some of these cards will have commands printed on them. The commands will affect the card next to the edge it is printed on.



Overall Review

Price: 12

Ages: 8 & up ( I would say depends on child’s reading skills)

Players: 2 only

Materials: 4 stars This game is very well made.

Replay Value: 3.5 stars

Recommend it to others: Yes. However, this game is for those who like the theme. Which is the only reason we rated it a 3.5


Coconuts by Mayday Games is a game every family should have. Coconuts is a dexterity game. You fling coconuts into cups and collect those cups and coconuts. We love dexterity games, getting to hit or swing items is just plain fun. Coconuts is a game everyone can enjoy. If your kid is to young to actually play. They can just practice flinging the coconuts into the cups. However, you don’t even need to know how to read to play this game. Here is a few pictures and clips of the kids practicing before we play. Full video and review will be up soon.




Too Many Cinderellas

Too Many Cinderellas by Grail Games. This tabletop game is for 2-4 players that are ages 10 + (Depending on the child. Anyce is 8), and is about 10 mins long. You play as town people who are spreading rumors for the Prince to hear. He will pick his Cinderella based off of the rumors that you spread. Anyone can actually become Cinderella. A male, senior, or even a cat. Yes, an actual meow cat! Which is Anyce’s favorite card from this game.

Anyce and her BFF, Bella, did a let’s play. Sorry about the silliness and randomness of these girls. At least they are cute 🙂

I was actually quite surprised how great the quality of this game is. The box is made out of a thick cardboard with beautiful bright prints. Once you open it up. All the components fit nicely and won’t be rattling around in your box.  The art work on the lien cards are just beautiful! They use light pastel colors that most princess loving girls enjoy. The “diamonds” were both of the girls favorite components. They wanted them all. What girl can turn down the silliness and cuteness of the game!

Too Many Cinderellas is similar in scope to the Love Letter games.  It is a quick, small deck based game where you earn the most tokens (diamonds) over a few rounds to win. Each card you lay down has an action, in this case a rumor. It’s easy enough to talk and enjoy your company while playing. However, it’s interesting enough to keep you pulling it out to play again. We truly enjoyed this game. I hope you check it out for yourself, or for a little girl in your life.



Super Tooth

A race to survive the meat eating dinosaurs and collect the most Super Tooth tokens. You will have to dodge the meat-eater dinosaurs, battle event’s such as volcano’s, hot sun, T-Rex and more!  This game will take a bit to get the hang of it. Once you do. It is fun!!


Super Tooth has 3 different types of cards.

Plant-Eaters: Green cards.


Meat-Eaters: White Cards


Event Cards are Yellow:




Overall Review 
Price: $12

Ages: 6 & up  ( I would say 7-8 yr olds can play. Lot’s of rules make for a bigger learning curve. Don’t use this game for a introduction to game for children)

Players: 2-4

Materials: 4 stars

Replay Value: 3.5 stars

Recommend it to others: Yes. This game is fun. However, It does have a learning curve.

King’s Gold

King’s Gold by Blue Orange is an adventurous dice game. You roll your luck to get the best dice combos. You want to be the richest Pirate to win the game. You’ll get chances to steal from the treasure chest, the King’s gold and other Pirates.


Dice combos:


Stealing happens left and right in the game. It’s one of Anyce’s favorite parts of this game. She likes to get greedy. However, you do need to become the richest Pirate to win. So let loose and steal from your mates. Here’s a picture to show you how much Anyce loves stealing.


King’s Gold comes in a beautiful tin with some great components. You can play right from the tin. It will include 5 pirate Dice and 60 golden treasure coins. You can play with 2-6 players. The more pirates the better. It’s super quick we have never taken longer than 15 minutes to complete a game. Don’t forget stealing from your mates is the best part.

This game is perfect for traveling due to the tin. Anyce will be bringing this game to her ballet classes and school events. We love to have some easy to go games during down times. I also love that you don’t have to know how to read to play this game. After showing Zayden a few times how to play he will be able to join in on the fun. Pick this game up for your family, to be a great filler or as a starter for a game night. Let us know what you think of it. We love it. They had me easily with Pirates and Dice. What’s not to love!


Overall Review

Price: $15

Ages: 8 & up

Players: 2-6

Materials: 5 This game is very well made.

Replay Value: 4

Recommend it to others: Yes, it’s a great quick game. Would even work for a filler game for game nights.


Disclaimer: Blue Orange did send us this game to review. This no way changed our opinions on this game. I would buy it for myself or even as a gift for others. This game has become a favorite in our family.

Sleeping Queens Card Game

How do you wake up sleeping queens you ask?  There is only one way. A kiss by a king, of course. This beautifully illustrated card game has everything. Queens, Kings, Jesters, Knights, sleeping potions, magic wands and of course Dragons!

In Sleeping Queens, your goal is to wake up 5 (for 2-3 players and 4 Queens for 4-5 players) Queens first or you can play by points. We play who ever gets the Queens first wins. Honestly, I hate taking score.. as silly as that sounds. Here is a let’s play of Anyce and I playing.

The set of this game is very easy play 6 queens face down on both sides of the deck. The queen cards will have a green back. Then deal each player 5 cards.

The special cards are as follows:

King: When played will wake up a Queen of your choice. ( If you wake up the Rose Queen you get a bonus of choosing one more queen to wake up!! )

Knight: When played gives you an option to steal a players Queen for your self.

Dragon: When played lets you stop the Knight from stealing your Queen.

Sleeping Potion: When played lets you choice a Queen to put back to sleep with the rest of the sleeping Queens.

Magic Wand: When played stops/ breaks the sleeping potion and you get to keep your Queen awake.

Jester: This is your chance card! Turn the top card from the draw pile on top of the Jester you just played..

If it is a special card you get to keep it and take another turn.

If it a number you count off starting with you. The last player to count get to wake up a Queen.

This game so bright and Beautiful!


Overall Review 

Price: $10

Ages: 8 & up

Players: 2-5

Materials: 4.5 This game is very well made.

Replay Value: 4.5

Recommend it to others: Yes, great for families with children.

Feed The Kitty

Zayden’s favorite game for over a year now has been Feed the Kitty. In my option, it is one of the best starter games for children. You don’t need know how to read, and you only need to know how to count to 2!  This game helps with listening, taking turns and sharing. Which is wonderful for young children.

This game is simple. It’s a child’s version of LCR. The whole goal is to be the last player left with mice. You start off with few mice for each player and a cat bowl in the middle. With each turn, you will roll your dice and move your mice around accordingly.

Mouse: Put one mouse in Kitty’s bowl.

Arrow: Pass one mouse to the player on your left.

Bowl: Take one mouse from Kitty’s bowl.

Sleeping Cat: Do nothing.

Why yes, it’s that simple! I hope your family checks this game out and enjoys it. We love to hear feed back!! So comment below.


Overall Review 

Price: $10-15

Ages: 3 & up

Players: 2-5

Materials: 5 Stars, This game is very well made.

Replay Value: 3.7 Stars, Even though I can’t count how many times we have played!

Recommend it to others: Yes, great for families with younger children.