Sleeping Queens Card Game

How do you wake up sleeping queens you ask?  There is only one way. A kiss by a king, of course. This beautifully illustrated card game has everything. Queens, Kings, Jesters, Knights, sleeping potions, magic wands and of course Dragons!

In Sleeping Queens, your goal is to wake up 5 (for 2-3 players and 4 Queens for 4-5 players) Queens first or you can play by points. We play who ever gets the Queens first wins. Honestly, I hate taking score.. as silly as that sounds. Here is a let’s play of Anyce and I playing.

The set of this game is very easy play 6 queens face down on both sides of the deck. The queen cards will have a green back. Then deal each player 5 cards.

The special cards are as follows:

King: When played will wake up a Queen of your choice. ( If you wake up the Rose Queen you get a bonus of choosing one more queen to wake up!! )

Knight: When played gives you an option to steal a players Queen for your self.

Dragon: When played lets you stop the Knight from stealing your Queen.

Sleeping Potion: When played lets you choice a Queen to put back to sleep with the rest of the sleeping Queens.

Magic Wand: When played stops/ breaks the sleeping potion and you get to keep your Queen awake.

Jester: This is your chance card! Turn the top card from the draw pile on top of the Jester you just played..

If it is a special card you get to keep it and take another turn.

If it a number you count off starting with you. The last player to count get to wake up a Queen.

This game so bright and Beautiful!


Overall Review 

Price: $10

Ages: 8 & up

Players: 2-5

Materials: 4.5 This game is very well made.

Replay Value: 4.5

Recommend it to others: Yes, great for families with children.

Feed The Kitty

Zayden’s favorite game for over a year now has been Feed the Kitty. In my option, it is one of the best starter games for children. You don’t need know how to read, and you only need to know how to count to 2!  This game helps with listening, taking turns and sharing. Which is wonderful for young children.

This game is simple. It’s a child’s version of LCR. The whole goal is to be the last player left with mice. You start off with few mice for each player and a cat bowl in the middle. With each turn, you will roll your dice and move your mice around accordingly.

Mouse: Put one mouse in Kitty’s bowl.

Arrow: Pass one mouse to the player on your left.

Bowl: Take one mouse from Kitty’s bowl.

Sleeping Cat: Do nothing.

Why yes, it’s that simple! I hope your family checks this game out and enjoys it. We love to hear feed back!! So comment below.


Overall Review 

Price: $10-15

Ages: 3 & up

Players: 2-5

Materials: 5 Stars, This game is very well made.

Replay Value: 3.7 Stars, Even though I can’t count how many times we have played!

Recommend it to others: Yes, great for families with younger children.

Grim Roll Your Life Game Kickstarter

We just backed what looks like a very promising dice game called Grim. It is currently on Kickstarter with 8 days left to back! We went with the Kickstarter Yellow Box Exclusive Edition. They have a few to backer levels to choose from, starting at only $18!

Grim is a beautiful and fast paced, roll your luck game. A full game will take roughly 15 minutes to play. Great for lunch breaks or icebreakers with a group of friends. You can play with 2-6 players, ages 10 and up.

With such a positive response and so many people backing this game. There are many stretch goals already activated! They have even included an expansion! Grim has also made this such a fun social media experience! Check them out at

We will be posting a review once we receive it. So, keep an eye out! If you have any questions about this game, comment below. Seriously, How cute is this Grim?!?! We couldn’t pass it up!


New games & Father’s Day Weekend.

We have been busy lately. Having some family summer fun and playing games. It’s that time of year new games are coming out like crazy! What new games are you enjoying or wanting to check out?

We have recently bought a few new and not so new games. I have been dying to play Gloom for a long time now. When I heard about the Fairytale Gloom. I knew it was finally time for me to pick it up. Excitingly, I found it in Phoenix. While visiting some family, we checked out a local game store. It should be at your favorite local game store by the 30th of this month.This game is so much fun, creative and beautiful! We will be doing a full review on it. Hopefully, later this week. For now here is a picture.

We also picked up Love Letter Batman Edition last week. Seriously, Its a cute quick game that is Batman themed. It was a must for our collection. I am obsessed with Batman. Trust me you will know this fact if you follow our blog :P. A full review will be coming soon as well. I am sure most of you have already played, but if not it’s a great game. Here’s a picture.

Hopefully, everyone enjoyed their Father’s Day weekend. Trevor’s car as been having problems so he spend Saturday working on his car trying to get it to run before Father’s Day. The kids and I went to Phoenix to visit our cousins. It was a fun, but very hot, weekend. We enjoyed cooling down at the Sea life Aquarium. We had fun. We got to see the Aquanauts and some cute sea creatures. If you haven’t been, I would recommend it. Try to find discount tickets or purchase tickets on their site ahead of time to make it cheaper.


On Fathers Day, Trevor got to enjoy his day playing his Witcher 3 game. Along with being showered with gifts. Seriously, this guy is loved. He does so much for our family. We try to make him feel special on his day. He made out with board games (of course) for his gifts. The kids even made him a Cleveland Browns game! They did an amazing job. We all played and Trevor must have had Father’s Day luck, because he beat us all!

Here are the other games he received. Expect reviews, pictures and some videos on these games soon! Hopefully, you enjoyed your weekend. What games did you play or get?

Spot It

Spot it is made by Blue Orange. It is a very quick game. You try to find the matches as fast as you can.  Every card will have a match and only one match to each card. Even if you don’t see it. Sometimes it is hard to find the match. We love it because its a game all ages can play. Even though most Spot it’s recommend ages 7 & up. I would say most 3 year olds can play the game. Zayden started playing at age 4. Most themes you don’t need to know how to read to match even if its a word that they can’t read we allow pointing for the younger kids.

I love that they are in a tin and very travel friendly. Anyce takes these games to ballet and other events where the kids have extra time to hang out. All of her friends enjoy Spot it and have asked her to continue to bring it along. I would say the chances of you replaying this game multiple times is quite high. There are many different ways you can play. Down below is a picture explaining a few of the ways you can play.

Blue Orange has released so many different themes, you’ll find at least one you will like. They even have educational choices such as numbers, letters, shapes and words We currently have 4 editions and still want more!  Let us know which on is your favorite!


Overall Review

Price: $8 – $15

Ages: 3 & up

Players: 2 &up

Materials: 4.5 Stars Game is very well made

Replay Value: 4.5 Stars Almost all of our friends will play it more than once at one time.

Recommend it to others: Yes, Great for kids, families and teachers!

Rory Story Cubes

One of our all time favorite games is Rory Story Cubes. This is a must for family game nights. Its fun, entertaining and never the same. It works for all ages, as the kids don’t have to know how to read. It is simply rolling the dice and making a story based off of the images you see. We also like to use these cubes for icebreakers. When we have parties with kids who don’t all know each other. Using story cubes gets all the kids interacting with each other and the laughs started.  Who can make the silliest or the scariest story? Let your imagination run crazy!

They have a few editions. Story Cubes, Story Cubes Actions and Story Cubes Voyages. These 3 games include 9 dice each. They have now released Clues, Enchanted and Prehistoria. These I consider them expansions as they only come with 3 dice each.  You can you use all of the sets separately or combined. We like to mix it up and play with different cubes each time we play. Pictures down below.

They will be releasing a BATMAN edition! I am over the moon excited about it! We all love super heroes, especially Batman.I can’t wait to get my hands on it.  We will be posting pictures and a video review, once we have it. Hopefully your family enjoys Story Cubes as much as we do!

Overall Review 

Price: $8-10

Ages: 3 & up

Players: 1 & up

Materials: 5 Stars, This game is very well made.

Replay Value: 5 Stars, So many different ways to play and stories to make its always different.

Recommend it to others: Yes, great for kids, family and teachers!

Find It To Go Games

These Find It Games To Go are limited Quantity. The editions are Pet Finder, Great Outdoors, Things that go and Treats & Sweets. These to go editions are half the size of the normal editions. Perfect to throw into a travel bag or keep in the car for road trips. This a contained game, so no chances of losing pieces. Every time someone comes to our house, they notice the Find it games we have. It never fails, they end up playing them while hanging out. They are fun for all ages. Adults get more competitive than the kids… Well, at least the ones we know.

You can play a few different ways. You can play solo or compete with a friend. You can time yourself to see how fast you can find the items, or see if you can find them in alphabet order. You can also make stories with the items you find. Don’t forget to look out for the mystery item! Need help keeping track of what you have found or what is on the list? You can print out a list from their site. (minus the on the go editions. Hopefully they will be updated soon!)

In 2013, I believe they emerged with another company called Identity Games. Personally, I like the changes I have noticed. They interact more on social media, there is now a hidden mystery object in each game, and cute holiday editions have come out! I am hoping for a Halloween one!!! Fingers crossed! One can hope. Rumor is a Pokemon is coming soon!!!! The only down side is that they no longer use real pennies. I know you’re wondering why it matters, as it’s locked inside the game. The real penny is much heavier, so it makes it a challenge to find.

Overall Review 

Price: $13-25

Ages: 4 & up

Players: 1 &up

Materials: 5 Stars This game is very well made.

Replay Value: 4.5 Stars We have all played this many times especially on the road.

Recommend it to others: Yes, to all ages!

Items inside Sweet Treats
Banana Slice
Candy Cane
Candy Corn
Candy Egg
Candy Heart
Chocolate Bar
Cinnamon Roll
Cocoa Mug
French Fry
Hard Candy Ring
Ice Cream Bar
Ice Cream Cone
Key Lime Pie
Lemon Slice
Letter “Y”
Letter “U”
Letter “M”
Lime Slice
Pumpkin Pie
Smiley Face
Soda Pop
Mystery Item (which I will not tell you it, You can go to there website to see if you found it!)

Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

Our kids are so excited to start blogging/vlogging. They have been asking everyday to make a let’s play video. Here is our first let’s play styled video. Hope you enjoy it as much as the kids did making it. 

The game is Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel. It’s one of the kids favorite games. It is an educational game that helps with memorizing colors and building motor skills. 2 -4 people can play ages 3 and up. Its easy enough they can play by themselves. For Zayden its helping him learn to play by the rules. He is our little rule breaker. Seriously, he’ll try anything to win. 

Very similar to the classic Hi HI Cherry-O. You spin to either collect, lose or steal and nut. First person to collect 1 of everyone color nut wins.
However, the components for this game are amazing! The squirrel “tweezers” are made a a heavy duty plastic and is simply adorable. When using this squirrel it help develop fine motor skills. The nut are also plastic and bring very durable.

Overall Review

Price: $15

Ages: 3-8

Players: 2-4

Playing time: 10-20 minutes

Materials: 5 Stars This game is very well made.

Replay Value: 4 Stars, Almost all of our friends will play it more than once at one time.

Recommend it to others: Yes, if you have kids who are young enough for it. I would not buy this new for a kid under age 7.


Welcome to our Blog!

We are a family who loves to spend our time playing games. We have our silly moments and our competitive moments. Guaranteed smiles and laughs all around though. We would like so show you some of our families favorite games. May the games be new or classic we play them all ages 4-104.

We have a son, Zayden who just turned 5. He enjoys preschool, and family games. Most of the time he likes to try to break the rules. We are working on it though. We also have a daughter, Anyce who is 8. She enjoys classic, competitive, storytelling and dice rolling games. My husband, Trevor likes the strategy and  role playing games.  I am into casual, classics, and dice games.

As you can see between all of us we enjoy a huge variety. I hope you enjoy our family adventures while we share games we love and discover new ones!